Marble Magic is dedicated to creating a world-leading brand in marble racing and entertainment. Our company was founded on October 11, 2019, and is headquartered in the innovation capital. With a mission to promote the development of marble sports, we strive to bring the fun and excitement of marble racing to marble enthusiasts around the globe through organizing high-level, innovative competitions.
Marble Magic aims to promote and develop marble sports worldwide, inspiring enthusiasm for this ancient game through exciting competitions and innovative events. Our vision is to become the most popular and influential marble racing organization globally, providing a positive and enjoyable competitive platform for participants of all ages.


To become the world’s most popular provider of marble racing competitions
Promote the development of marble sports worldwide
Advocate for a fair and competitive environment, ensuring that every participant has an equal opportunity to showcase their skills and uphold the principles of sportsmanship and prioritize friendship above all


Marble Magic focuses on organizing and hosting marble racing events worldwide. We offer a diverse range of competitions, including individual races, team races, and special events, covering different levels of difficulty and styles of marble games. Additionally, we promote the heritage and development of marble culture through training camps and promotional activities.

Innovative Products and Exciting Competitions Bring Ultimate Experience

Organizer of the Global Marble Championship

Marble Magic has had the privilege of hosting multiple Global Marble Championships, attracting top marble players from around the world and successfully promoting the international development of marble racing.

Innovative Competition Rules

Marble Magic team actively participated in innovating marble racing rules, introducing novel and engaging competition regulations. This initiative successfully attracted more participants, making the competitions more challenging and creative.

Digital Experience of Marble Racing

Marble Magic successfully launched a digital experience app for marble racing, providing real-time race information, exciting replays, and interactive experiences for the audience. This app has received widespread acclaim from users.

Marble Racing Live Streaming Platform

Marble Magic established a global marble racing live streaming platform, attracting a large audience with high-quality video broadcasts and real-time commentary, thereby enhancing the impact of the competitions.


Our outstanding partners within the industry

Business Collaboration

Contact Us for Win-Win Collaboration

We actively promote international exchange and collaboration by establishing partnerships to jointly advance the global popularity and development of marble sports. We have established strategic partnerships with internationally renowned marble equipment manufacturers to drive innovation in marble equipment, enhancing the level and quality of competitions
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